Candelas – Arvada, CO

Candelas - Arvada, CO

9371 McIntyre Street, Arvada, CO 80007

GF Properties Group is the majority owner/ member in Arvada Residential Partners, LLC. This entity owns a large tract of land located in Arvada, Colorado (west Denver suburb). The property is zoned for residential development. Currently installing the main infrastructure (roads, water, sewer, etc.) and selling finished home sites to major home builders. It is anticipated that the full plan will be completed within ten years.

  • Property Type: Master Planned Community under development
  • Property Size: Over 700 acres
  • Projected Number of Units: Over 2000
  • Land Area/Density: 2.5 units/acre
  • Zoning: City of Arvada – Official Development Plan
  • Investment Time: 10 years (estimate)

Visit the Candelas website.